About Sister Nivedita Girls College, Bikaner
The prominent man of the society has founded Maa Karni Sikashan and Shodh Society by the blessing of Maa Karni. The Goal of Maa Karni Sikashan and Shodh Society is to serve the society based upon human values. The society has founded a college named Sister Nivedita Girls College so that it can spread Girls education. It has been running since 2014 – 2015 with Arts and Commerce Faculty. This institution has resolved to educate the girls with rites.  Sister Nivedita was the supposed daughter of Swami Vivekanand whose real name was Margret Elizabeth Noble. She herself   scheduled to work in India. She loved India because this country was deprived by contemporary reign. We can’t find such love for India which she had.

The aim of this institution is Siksha, Yog, Sadhan. Well educated faculties are teaching in Arts and Commerce and they are determined to maintain cosmopolitan love and fraternity. The college is trying to develop the personality of the students by co-carry cooler activities. The college celebrates the anniversaries of great men on the particular days. This is the part of Annual Programme. This college provides the education on low fees structure. The administration is determined to touch the peak.