Bachelor of Arts

This is a special announcement by the MGSU University, that all the students of B.A, must clear the Environment Examination which is of 50 marks and time duration is 1.30 hours. If a student is unable to clear the examination of environment in these three years, she cannot receive degree of B.A by the MGSU University.

B.A -1

An admission to B.A -1 comprises three compulsory subjects:-

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Environment Education

Other than these subjects, students can take three additional subjects from the following mentioned groups. A student can take only one subject from the following group.

  1. Elective Hindi/English
  2. Home Science/Philosophy/Vocational English/Computer science/Sociology
  3. Geography/Physical Education/Music(vocal)/Music(Instrumental)
  4. Economics
  5. Political Science

B.A-2 and B.A-3

For admission in B.A- 2 and B.A -3, selection of subjects remains the same.