Vision & Mission

To build responsive, responsible, sensitive, creative and thoughtful citizens with a comprehensive understanding of regional, national and international perspectives.

To strive towards the educational, cultural, economic, environmental and social advancement of the region and the nation at large by providing excellent liberal education and quality programmes leading to bachelors, masters, professional and doctorate degrees.

The Soul of religious city named Bikaner is throbbed with politeness and benevolence. The incarnation of this image can be seen in the women filled with pity, devotion which is the synonym of these virtues. Nivedita is the image of devotion. The women power has pushed ahead to spread the education in modern Bikaner. Having known about the limited opportunities of the women, Sister Nivedita Girls College is founded in 2014.

The name is evident of identification of tradition, modernity and rites or development, which have the reciprocal relation to each other. The aim of education is to get confidence with devotion. Swami Vivekanand said, “Indian women are capable enough but have no courage.” The courage was lit up by Sister Nivedita. The institute is to spread education with social awareness. This institute has resolution to contribution for women. Every man who like to join us, they would also be the part of this sacred work.